Babbelonia is a pioneering online language institute where you can study the way you want. With our in-house developed Full-Circle-Methodology, you can easily configure your preferred way of studying while maintaining learning effectiveness. We offer a variety of language courses, from basic communication programs during the holidays to comprehensive training to speak and write the language fluently and have in-depth conversations.

The Full-Circle method cleverly combines the 6 fundamental language skills along with additional and necessary elements into great courses, presented in the way you prefer.

The 6 fundamental skills are reading, writing, listening, speaking, non-verbal communication and grammar.

These skills are glued together with elements such as culture, typical customs, local food, expressions and sayings, history, and religion. Our state-of-the-art system has fully integrated these elements into our courses, which are offered to you when relevant. In other words: "You only learn what you need to know at that moment".

We also provide background information about the content and show you how it is used within practice. That way you can put everything into context and perspective.

At Babbelonia we believe that people only master a language when they are completely immersed in it. The Babbelonia courses offer you the optimum amount of learning content at a time; it lets you see, hear, feel, and touch it, and lets you play with it until it flows through your veins.

Last but certainly not least: you can choose and change your type of practice sets and preferred teaching presentation at any time such as reading exercises, comprehension, practising words, building sentences, pronunciation, dates and numbers and language games.

As a result of our methodology, you will understand the language much better, remember it quicker, better, and longer and you will enjoy studying more. Babbelonia converts learning a language into a completely personal experience.

Babbelonia: We know about languages.

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